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Do You Know the Difference?
Do You Know the Difference?

Michael Coblenz Attorney at Law

Large Firm Experience with Small Firm Pride

After starting his career in a large law firm in Texas, Michael Coblenz has been proudly serving Lexington, KY residents for 12 years. Making his home in the “Athens of the West,” his small firm provides personalized attention to his clients' needs by protecting their intellectual property. Attorney Coblenz specializes in patent, trademark, copyright and intellectual property law. Please call to schedule a free consultation.

Our Services and Specialties

Patent Law

Patents grant property rights to inventors. Having a patent protects the invention from being replicated and sold in the United States or having the invention imported into the country. Once the patent is issued, the patentee takes responsibility for enforcing the patent without the help of the United States and Patent and Trademark Office. Some services offered related to patents are patentability searches, patentability opinions, application preparation and prosecution, and international patent protection.

Trademark Law

Trademarks or branding are what makes your ideas marketable and recognizable. A trademark can be a word, phrase, symbol, or design. By acquiring trademark rights you are ensuring that your product identity is protected. Services offered related to trademarks are searches, counseling, registration, international registration, opposition and cancellations, post registration management, enforcement, and licensing.

Copyright Law

Copyright is a way for authors to protect original work. This can include literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and other intellectual works that may be published or unpublished. The copyright gives the author or creator exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, or alter other forms of the work. Copyrights only protect the expression of the idea but not the subject matter. Services related to copyright include counseling, searching and opinions, registration, licensing, monitoring and enforcement, permissions, and rights clearance.

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